Guns on College Campuses

guns_on_campusThe university of Texas have recently announced that they are allowing people to carry concealed weapons on their campus. Now, this is not as serious as allowing middle school or high school students to carry a gun to class, but there has been recent shootings on college campuses. The most recent shooting that I have heard is at Indiana’s Ball State University. Two Guys entered the campus, both wielding .25 pistols, shooting erratically. The whole campus proceeded to be on lockdown while the police handled the situation. Meanwhile, a dear friend of mine was texting me the details, from underneath her desk. The police were able to detain these two gentlemen, without any injuries or casualties to civilians.

Of course this brings up the debate on gun control. If students and faculty members were allowed guns on campus, this issue would have been resolved in less than one minute. The response time for police and ambulance and other emergency vehicles are about 6-10 minutes, plus an extra few minutes to set up a safe perimeter; whereas a law-abiding citizen with a concealed firearm could disarm the tense situation without injury. With the knowledge that some people carry weapons on the campus, criminals may think twice before they start shooting innocent civilians.

The counter argument is that police go through extensive training in order to detain perpetrators without the use of lethal force. In order to obtain a concealed carry license, one does not have to go through any training; it would be a shoot-off until either the criminal or the citizen is dead.

Another argument against allowing guns on campus is that it would put a weapon in a safe place. There would always be the potential of a shooting; and on a college campus where people are stressed to no end; it could cause a mental breakdown ending in a mass shooting or suicide.

Recently, an organization called Students for Concealed Carry have formed on college campuses across the country, including Indiana University. At the activities fair, many people signed a petition to allow students on the IUB campus to carry concealed firearms.

But Texas is Texas and like anything, it is 20/20 hindsight. We will see how the allowance of firearms on a college campus turns out.


2 thoughts on “Guns on College Campuses”

  1. I definitely agree with not allowing carry the guns on the college campus. Carrying guns by the polices and the students are totally different.However, what to protrct yourself if there is a person who carry guns on the campus?


  2. I think that while it could have solved the problem quicker in the case of BSU, no-one having guns on campus makes more sense. I think this because its hard to shoot at someone when there is no weapon. If no one were allowed to have guns on campus, then there would be no shootings. Of course, I acknowledge that this won’t prevent deaths due to violence on campus, but it can be a start to making campuses safer.


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