Dear Diary: A Narrow Pass

narrowpathDear Diary,

Today I am going to sit down and have a conversation with my parents and tell them that I am moving away. I know they will not be happy about this, but I just have to.

“To tell you the truth I have been bullied at school for the past five years, and I think it would be best if I transfer to a different school. I cannot put up with classwork if I have no one to talk to”

They shake their heads and say “honey, you can talk to us”

“I come home and all that I hear is you two fighting about the littlest things; I don’t understand why you guys are still married; GET A DIVORCE. I do not care if you think it’s going to affect me. It won’t. I’ve already talked to grandma and she says that I can move in with her and go to high school near her. I’m moving so you two can figure your shit out and I can move on with my life.”

It is a hard truth, I know. But the truth is how it is. I cannot go to school and come home to endless noise and glass shattering on the floor.

My mum looks at me, like I was a child. “You can’t do this” she says. “You can’t just uproot and move like that”

“I cannot live like this anymore and this is the only obvious solution for me. Do you guys not want me to succeed. Obviously you don’t if you can’t keep the noise down while I’m doing homework.”

I think to myself about how this is not really about school. I can handle the bullies and can handle being picked on. I do have friends, but not having a steady, quiet home life is the real issue. I can get that with my grandma.

“Look. This is the best for me. I don’t want to be the reason you two fight. This is why I am moving away from you so you two can work it out. I cannot believe that I am telling you what to do, but it is just something you should think about, okay? I am moving out in two weeks. You can’t stop me.”

I went back to my room, tears in my eyes, and I started packing up my clothes. My dad came in with a suitcase, laid it on the floor, and nodded his head.

A work of fiction by Eric Blickensderfer


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