A Truly Embarrassing Moment


Since I cannot think of a time where I did not hold my tongue when I should have, I am going to analyze a portion of the script from a film called A League of Their Own. In the interaction between an Umpire and the coach of the Peaches baseball team , Jimmy Dugan, Dugan insults the umpire and is thrown out of the baseball game. The script is listed below:

Umpire: Good rule of thumb: Treat each of these girls as you would your mother.
Dugan: Anyone ever tell you you look like a penis with a hat on?
Umpire: You’re out of here! I heard that!
Dugan: You misunderstood.
Umpire: Ten seconds!
Dugan: You misunderstood! You can’t throw me out knowing you’ve got a strike zone…
Umpire: Off this field! Get in that dugout! Get off this field! You’re out.
Dugan: I can’t believe no one ever called you that before!
Umpire: That’s where you belong.

Since at this point in the movie, Dugan probably was not concerned with his reputation considering he was a drunk, but I do believe that he regret this moment because even though he did not care about his reputation, he certainly did care about the team itself. I believe this was a turning point of his attitude toward a women’s baseball team. I believe that this particular moment lead to a point where he started coaching and caring about the team as a family instead of just a machine.


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