Signs of the Times

screen-shot-2016-10-16-at-9-25-25-pmA new trend has come to my attention that worries me. It is a sign of a change in culture and frankly, a turn for the worse. Personally, I believe that it is a sign that America is becoming lazier and lazier by the year, and this dreadful happening that is picking up an absurd amount of momentum that leaves me quite surprised on how this cultural phenomenon has gained all of this favorability. And, of course, I am talking about the increasing popularity of the so-called “man bun” or to some, a “mun.”

Now this is not just about this completely uncalled for, lazy hairstyle, but it represents a cultural change on the macro-scale. If you ever talk to someone with a man but, they are usually a college-type hipster who are “not like everyone else” and have a journal dedicated to screenplay writing in the local, unique Starbucks coffee shop on the corner street. The man bun represents this hipster subculture. Now, if these man buns are becoming more and more popular, this means that hipsters are becoming increasingly prominent in today’s society.

An regressing society is never beneficial to the human race, yet the crux of the issue is since the increased amount of man buns in the United States is changing the very definition of a hipster. A hipster is someone who is expressly unique. If everyone is unique, is anyone really? The classic line from The Incredibles said by the infamous Syndrome “If everyone’s super, no one will be.”

To play off the stereotype of the hipster’s uniqueness, what would happen if everyone were to be a hipster? A problem arises where the hipster minority becomes the more common and superior culture of America. The regular suited businessman would become the minority and a person who wears hawaiian button downs or ironic t-shirts would be favoured. A whole new culture  would be born where formal wear to work would not be standardised, and instead people would wear flashy, more distracting clothing that are not suitable for the workplace. Therefore, work progress would decrease and the whole of society would be slowed, possibly to the point of halt or even regression.

Therefore, with all of this potential social crisis, society must stop and consider controlling the spread of the man bun. If caution is not taken,  political turmoil is eminent.

Disclaimer: This article is satire. I do not condone or hold the assumptions made in this article to be true. I do understand this is a great use of the slippery-slope tactic. 


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