Everyone knows the symbol. Everyone knows the company. Everyone knows their products are overpriced. But why is it that everyone keeps buying their products even though they are nearly twice as expensive as their competitors? Because people know the company. People have seen the advertisements; have heard the name; are familiar with the technology. Apple. Apple Inc. However you know the name. But no one can forget the symbol.


The apple. Where did this design come from? In a way, it is quite sadistic. If you recall the 2014 film, The Imitation Game, a movie about Alan Turing, the inventor of the computer, was struggling with his own homosexual feelings. He was taking hormones to help with these, yet somehow he did not feel like a person. Expressing his love for his favourite children’s story, he bit into an apple, poisoned with cyanide, killing himself. Apple Inc. decided to make this their logo as a tribute to Alan Turing.

The apple. The symbol of the large international corporation that sells chique, modern products. The business model is the same as fashion; for they sell “designer” computers at, of course, designer price. This company, no doubt, builds their computers in sweatshops in Mongolia, China, Korea and Taiwan, for cheap production cost and to turn a better . Yet they still mark their products “Designed in California.”

The apple. A symbol, promising health for an apple a day…

The apple. A symbol, now that you see one at the grocery store, the image of the company and their products jump to your mind.


The apple. Proudly hangs above the storefront with no words; no words needed. Only the symbol is needed because people already know. This symbol has become too overpowering and is needed to be removed. People are nearly hypnotized into buying these products one right after the other at high prices. The future products only having one or two additional features for another $1,000.

These products are not worth that much money.

Good Day.


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