commencement_1If I gave the commencement speech at my graduation, this is how I would start:

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. These words are symbolic of the relations of the citizens of Rome shared, and I believe that each student at Indiana University shares this same bond. Although, let us hope this act does not end in homicide. As Hoosiers, we stand for the same values, the same customs, and started from the bottom and now look where we are now. We are here. In this auditorium. Look to your left, see your classmates being honoured with a graduation cap. Look to your right. They have worked so much for each one of their degrees. And every single person in this room began at orientation, had their picture taken, and watched the same musical, where the famous line “I’m not that drunk” originated, and was repeated for many years afterward, disregarding that Hoosiers have never lost a tailgate since we drin– I mean work together. And now that we are all gathered in this room together. Because we struggled together and we have created this relationship that will last a lifetime. But now we must part ways to further our careers.